What we offer

Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists offer you advanced rider training up to the IAM Advanced Test standard and beyond at very low cost.

Fun roads on an observed run

We advise you how to ride faster, more safely and with more enjoyment. Unlike commercial organisations we have no vested interest in training you up quickly, we will ensure that you achieve the highest possible levels of skills.

Advanced riding is based upon the latest Police Roadcraft Manual which details the System of Advanced Motorcycle Control. Details of this are given in the new IAM publication entitled How to be a better rider, a copy of which is included in your IAM membership (see Skill for life).

What's covered:

Social Ride
Gearing up for a winter social ride

Why become an advanced rider?

Advanced Riding prepares you for riding on the busy and dangerous roads in the UK. It will teach you how to get the best from your motorcycle — safely. It will also make you quicker, from knowing where it is safe and appropriate to use speed.

Being an Advanced Rider will make you more aware of road hazards, better able to handle situations and generally feel more relaxed about your riding. The skills become instinctive, making you a quicker, safer rider. It also increases the enjoyment you get from riding, knowing your skills are that much better honed.

Riders who have reached the advanced test level have a hugely reduced accident rate, and often benefit from substantial insurance savings.

The training

All traning is done on a one to one basis with an assigned Observer. Runs are typically 1.5 hours long and will cover a wide variety of road types, from small country back lanes through sweeping A roads to motorways. At all times your Observer will advise on any improvements that can be made to your riding. In general, it will take between 6 and 8 runs to achieve test standard.

In addition, CAM run a series of classroom sessions giving theoretical knowledge to back up the practical advice.

All bikes welcome!

The costs

Under the IAM's new Skill for life program, a one-off payment of 149 includes a year's membership of CAM, a year's membership of the IAM, a copy of How to be a better rider and the test fee. Our observers, who are all unpaid volunteers, will provide you with as much training time as you want or need for just a few pounds petrol money per run.

This is a whole year's training at a fraction of the cost of a commercial weekend course, and once you pass you could recoup the entire fee in insurance savings in just one or two years.

But there's no need to pay up front if you're not sure. Why not arrange a trial session with one of our observers? Or simply turn up to a social run and introduce yourself for a free assesment ride (nice and early please!). Contact us for more information and to book a ride.


There's much more to CAM than just the advanced training. We run social rides at least fortnightly throughout the year as well as pub evenings, first aid courses, BBQs, all-day and two-day ride outs. Check the events calendar to discover what's in the pipeline.

Machine control day
Learning countersteering on a machine control day

Machine control days

Our very popular machine control days are run each year and are a lot of fun as well as an invaluable learning tool. Held off the public roads, the courses will improve your slow speed riding, braking, counter steering, machine control and other advanced techniques.

After you pass

Although our main aim is to help you train for and pass your advanced test, your involvement with the club need not end there. Full members are encouraged to stay active in CAM, join social rides and events and also lead rideouts. If you want to give something back there are lots of ways to help the club which is run entirely by volunteers, or take the next step and become a trainee observer.